Apply for LIHEAP in Delaware.

How to get LIHEAP in Delaware 

In Delaware, to obtain energy assistance to provide reduction or elimination of an electric bill, a resident would use a program called LIHEAP. The "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" provides people who fall within a low income bracket assistance with their electric bill. These families and individuals would severely struggle, or ultimately fail to pay their bill if they were not able to get this assistance. Often the assistance is helping disabled and elderly people who have medical equipment that needs access to electricity. Also many people who simply have a low income would find their electric bill to be a heavy burden on their budget, and seek the Delaware LIHEAP for assistance.

The Delaware LIHEAP program provided by the government, corporations, and individual contributions, contributes to the reduction and elimination of electric bills. The LIHEAP program requires every applicant to be of low income, disabled, or elderly. If you need help paying your electric bill, use the following steps to help you get on LIHEAP.

In order to receive the Delaware LIHEAP program, it is required that a person would have to complete a LIHEAP application. This form must be completed with accuracy, legibility, and only with truthful answers that detail the financial situation or health concern. All sources of income must be included so that the electricity assistance office can determine if you fall within the scale, and qualify for the low income energy assistance in Delaware. You can complete an application over the phone or the assistance office would be happy to mail one to you free of charge. You can request an application by calling one of the following numbers.

Kent County: (302) 674-1782
New Castle County: (302) 654-9295
Sussex County: (302) 856-6310

If you choose to fill out a LIHEAP application by hand rather than completing an online application, you must mail it to the LIHEAP office in order for the application to be processed by the agency. They can provide you with a pre-paid envelope if you are not able to supply the postage.

Upon approval for the LIHEAP benefit after you have been determined to fall within the low income bracket, you will begin to receive energy assistance on your electric bill. This will be a reduced power bill, or an outright elimination of it. You must tell the electricity assistance office in Delaware who your electric provider along with the EIN number from your meter so that your bills will be adjusted with your energy assistance benefit. LIHEAP will either greatly reduce your electric bill, if not pay for the entire bill. Since there are so many people seeking information on how to get LIHEAP in Delaware at this time, there may be longer delays than usual in processing time.

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