Apply for LIHEAP in Connecticut.

How to get LIHEAP in Connecticut 

The LIHEAP program in the State of Connecticut is funded by the federal & state government, utility companies, and charitable donations. The "low income home energy assistance program" assists families who have a period of low income or financial hardship to pay for their electric bill. These families would often endure great hardship if they did not have this form of assistance for their power bill. Federal money combined with the generous contributions from various groups and individual contribute the complete funding for this program. Some groups specifically contribute for special needs people such as the disabled or elderly.

If you need help paying your electric bill, please contact the DHS in order to help you get on LIHEAP. In order to get on the Connecticut LIHEAP program, any applicant will have to complete and sign the LIHEAP application. The application will need to be completed with accuracy and good legibility so that the DHS agents will be able to process the information. The application will contain a lot of personal questions, financial questions, and some questions about your life. The answers to these questions must be accurate and all of your financial resources included. These answers will determine if you are able to qualify for LIHEAP in Connecticut, and able to receive assistance on your electric bill.

You may complete an application over the phone or have it mailed to you. Connecticut is currently working on an online application so that users in the future will be able to apply for LIHEAP over the internet. You may acquire the address to your energy assistance office by calling 800-842-1132.

Whenever an applicant is approved for LIHEAP, the agency must receive information on the recipients' power company and also the EIN number off their electric meter. This will allow the agency to credit the approved funds to the recipient's bill. The amount of the bill paid for will be determined based on the income level, ages, and whether or not there is a disabled person in the home. LIHEAP will either greatly reduce your electric bill, if not pay for the entire bill. All recipients are required to report income level changes to the Connecticut LIHEAP program periodically. Please consider that there are numerous families seeking information on how to get LIHEAP in Connecticut at this time, so there may be a slight back log in processing time.

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