Get energy assistance in Colorado.

How to get LIHEAP in Colorado 

With the economy constantly in turmoil the financial security of many families, many people are seeking ways on how to get LIHEAP in Colorado. The federally, private, and donation based energy assistance program in Colorado is called LIHEAP which stands for "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program". Low income home energy assistance program helps people of low income by either paying a portion of their bill, or the entire bill, who would otherwise endure great hardship to pay for their electricity. This program grants financial aid to households and families that are in dire need of assistance to afford electricity. If you need this type of assistance to help pay your electric bill this guide will help you to make the appropriate contacts to do so.

The Colorado LIHEAP program requires everybody who wants the benefit to complete an application form. The applicant will have to take special note to complete the application with accuracy and legibility so that the LIHEAP agents will be able to process the information. There will be detailed questions about the income level of the home, along with personal identifying information. Please include all your sources of income so that the electricity assistance office can determine if you qualify for the low income energy assistance. You can do an application over the internet or you can have it mailed to you.

The application can be completed either online or by a standard paper application. If you choose to fill out a LIHEAP application by hand, you must mail it to the LIHEAP office in order to get your energy assistance benefit. Your local Department of Human Services office should be able to help you to get the application form.

Upon approval for the LIHEAP benefit program and you have been determined to be of low income, you will begin to receive energy assistance on your electric bill. This assistance will either be a partial assistance or it will completely pay for your bill. You must tell the electricity assistance office in Colorado who your electric provider is so that your bills will be adjusted with your energy assistance benefit. LIHEAP will either greatly reduce your electric bill, if not pay for the entire bill. There are many people at this time seeking how to get LIHEAP in Colorado, so please be patient with the energy assistance office.

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