How to apply for energy assistance (LIHEAP) in Arizona.

How to get LIHEAP in Arizona 

The Federal Government, private companies, and individual contributions have provided funding for an energy assistance program in Arizona called LIHEAP. The "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" helps to provide people with low income to pay for their electric bill who would otherwise struggle to pay for their electricity. This program, gives flanked financial aid to households and families that need help, by reducing or directly eliminating their electric bill. If you need help paying your electric bill and live in the State of Arizona, use the following guide to help you get on LIHEAP energy assistance program.

Every person who wishes to apply for LIHEAP in Arizona will need to obtain, complete, and submit an Arizona LIHEAP application form. Be sure that you fill out the energy assistance application with good legibility, accuracy, and with the best financial information you can provide as possible. Be sure to include all your sources of income such as your paycheck amounts, gifts, bills, along with savings account information so that the electricity assistance office can determine if you qualify for the low income energy assistance. The State of Arizona allows applicants to apply over the phone, or they will mail an application out for free. The telephone numbers for the Arizona LIHEAP program are: (602) 542-6600 or (800) 582-5706

If you choose to fill out a LIHEAP application by hand, upon completion, you must mail it to the LIHEAP office. The application form should include a pre-paid postage envelope. When your application reaches the processing office, it will be opened, reviewed briefly, then often it will wait in queue behind many other applications. This can be a long process, but often back pay on electricity will be available. In order to get your energy assistance benefit. You can get the address to your energy assistance office by calling: (602) 542-6600 or (800) 582-5706

Approval for LIHEAP in Arizona

When the application is finally approved by the LIHEAP agents, you will begin to receive energy assistance on your electric bill. The credit amount will be based on your income level, amount of financial resources that you have, and will either reduce or eliminate your electric bill. You must tell the electricity assistance office in Arizona who your electric provider is (in the event of deregulation) so that your bills will be adjusted with your energy assistance benefit. LIHEAP will either greatly reduce your electric bill, if not pay for the entire bill. Please keep in mind that there are many families seeking how to get LIHEAP in Arizona during these rough economic times, so patience will assist you during the application process.

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