Get free satellite TV.

How to get Free Satellite 

FTA satellite or free to air satellite is when you setup a satellite system to get satellite TV for free. Since the free to air channels are unencrypted and sent to satellites this way, it is perfectly legal for one to receive these channels. In order to get free satellite television it will take a bit of learning and supplies. Free to air satellite can save you a lot of money on cable & satellite bills! There is nothing better than getting free satellite television, and I will teach you how.

You will need the following things:
1) A free to air satellite receiver.
2) A large dish with a KU LNB.
3) A motor called a USALS.
4) Some coax and cables.

1. Purchase a free to air satellite receiver and a free to air satellite dish with a KU LNB. These are required if you want to get satellite television for free.

2. On the menu of the FTA receiver you will want to put in your gps coordinates. These are available online if you use a search engine and typing in "your city name" and "coordinates". Insert this into your satellite's motor menu.

3. Mount your dish on a large stable pole. Make sure it is extremely secure and free from movement. Setup your satellite to scan a neutral satellite such as 101w. Be sure this is the satellite selected in the motor menu.

4. Point your satellite dish until it reaches 101w at the strongest signal. Secure your dish so that it is firmly in place using the bolts on the slides.

5. Select another satellite and make sure that the motor is pointing correctly. Scan in your channels on all satellites you select. You now have satellite television for free!

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