How to catch your husband or boyfriend looking at porn 

Many women are curious if their husbands or boyfriends look at pornography on the internet. Many men go the distance to try to conceal their bad habit. Most women just want to know if their husbands or boyfriends need help since porn is very addictive. It has been compared to coming off hard drugs when men quit using it. Remember you can always use programs like "safe eyes" porn filtering software to keep people accountable. There are many free versions of accountability software that can save you money, but "safe eyes" is really worth it.

In this article, I will show you how you can absolutely find out if your husband or boyfriend is looking at pornography.

In this guide, you will need a camcorder and a bit of money for keylogger software.

1. Get access on their computer while you are by yourself. What you will need to download is a program called a keylogger. Most likely there will be a small fee for the program itself. First download the program. Then click the buy it now buttons and you will get a "key code" to register the software. After the software is registered, you will be able to RECORD every keystroke that somebody makes on a computer silently and without them knowing it.The keylogger software will ask you what folder's to store the file in that you will look at. It will also probably assign a secret key combination for you to open the program with. (Such as CTRL-ALT-T)

2. Let your husband or boyfriend use the computer several times. When you suspect that they may have been looking at porn, you will again need free access to their computer.

3. Open up the file saved by your keylogger and look at what they have been typing. Remember, they will not know you installed the keylogger. Save or print what they typed for your records.

4. Good keyloggers also take a screen shot every now and then. This means that you will see a picture of the exact thing that was on the screen every so often (you set up how often it takes a picture of the screen). It will store it in the folder as well. Warning: You will see EXACTLY what they were looking at. This means you very well could be exposed to graphic sex etc.

5. Remember, if there is a spyware scanner installed, to give it permission to add the keylogger while installing. (Unless your man is very technical more than likely he won't update his spyware scanner very frequently).

Once you have what you need, delete the keylogger program.

6. Another method is to setup a hidden digital camcorder with a remote control in the room where they have the computer. When you suspect they are looking at pornography, call for them nearby, and let them know you are coming. If they are looking they will turn off the porn fast. Walk into them, chit chat a bit, and hit REC on the camcorder.

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