How to Increase Your Car, Truck, or SUV's MPG!

With the terrible gas prices these days, you want to get the best possible MPG or miles per gallon out of your car, truck, or SUV. In this article, I will share with you the best ways to greatly increase your gas mileage and also help your vehicle last longer.

Please purchase fresh oil, an oil filter, an air filter, and spark plugs for this guide. Also you will need an air source for your tires.

1. Change your oil and oil filter. This along can help with the overall performance of your engine. With new clean oil, your engine will remain nice and slick without any carbon build up. Your engine will be better protected and this will help your MPG.

2. Help your engine breathe better by replacing the air filter. Just like us, your engine needs to breathe. If your car has a dirty air filter, your engine works harder to suck air into the intake. This will also increase your gas mileage.

3. Change your spark plugs. Be sure to set the correct gap that your car, truck, or SUV manufacturer tells you to use. A nice clean spark will give you a good fire in your pistons. This will help your vehicle perform better and increase your MPG.

4. Inflate your tires to the proper pressure stated on the sticker on the inside of the driver side door frame. Some people suggest over inflating your tires by 5 psi to give even greater mpg which it does, but you must use this at your own risk. Tire pressure is a critical to getting a great mpg out of your vehicle. Here is a video from DaddyMoreBucksTV on how to inflate your tires.

5. Keep logs of when regular car maintenance is done. This will help you to remember to do it. Getting even 1 mpg less than your SUV, car, or truck is capable of will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

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