How to get free Netflix.

How to get a Free Trial at Netflix 

Netflix is an online movie streaming service that has vastly become part of American culture. It allows you to not only watch movies over the internet but also has a variety of documentaries, television shows, and musicals. Though the Netflix fees are quite low, many people are seeking ways to save as much money as possible these days. Many people are replacing satellite and cable television with Netflix in order to save a lot of money on watching movies and television series. I will teach you how to get a free trial from Netflix.

Netflix offers a free trial to new customers. This is a month of free streaming service that allows a potential customer to watch movies for an entire month free of charge. You'll need to sign up with Netflix under your name and a typical credit card or debit card. Make sure that you select the option for the free trial month. This way you are ensured to get an entire month of free movies streamed directly to your computer. On the last day of your free trial, cancel your subscription to Netflix so that your card will not be charged. Otherwise Netflix will continue your subscription and charge your card.

Every 24 months, Netflix automatically will delete your account and free trial information. By their terms of service, you are allowed to sign up again for another entire free month of service. This is a great money saver for those who like to catch up on some old and new movies alike!

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