Early retirement with little money.

Early Retirement With Little Money 

Early Retirement with little money is a challenging task and not for everybody. You have to be willing to sacrifice many things in your life, swallow your pride, and be willing to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. What you will gain is freedom of your time and years of not working.

1. If you are stuck in debt with a mortgage, you will have to get out of it. You will either have to pay off your home or in many cases, this means that you will probably have to purchase some land out in the boon docks, and build some type of alternative housing. Housing such as a log cabin, sod, straw construction, or even a wooden house can be constructed very cheaply. This is not a house that will be considered "real housing" to the county, but will merely be considered a cabin. This means that you will ultimately keep very low property taxes on your house in the boondocks. Keeping your housing permanently cheap is the key to early retirement with little money. This means you will need power generation, a composting toilet, water collection, atmospheric water generators, and very low energy appliances. Retirement without debt from housing or property taxes is a must. Most people buy the land with the equity they have in their current home.

2. To achieve early retirement with little money, you will have to either greatly reduce your electric bill by changing all your lighting to CFL bulbs, water on demand, and energy saving appliances. Remember that a penny saved is a penny earned during early retirement.

If you live in the boondocks on an off grid home, you will have to supply yourself with power by means of solar or wind power. This will require some basic knowledge of off grid power generation. You will also need a backup generator. Learn to save power as much as you learn to save money. Power is money, and money is crucial for early retirement. Search in this site for more ways to save power and money to help you to retire early!

3. You will need to get on government programs such as SNAP for your food. You will qualify if you do not have an income or a home that is considered a "house" by the county. This is a great way to get free food, but it is a burden on your fellow man. You can also supplement this with eggs, milk, and vegetables that you grow & produce. Early retirement requires that you reduce dramatically the cost of your food either by taking it from Uncle Sam, or producing food yourself.

4. Create a slight source of income. It does help for when you need to rely on "worldly" things during your long retirement years. Some people even get on welfare benefits to help with bills. Some people have small incomes coming off sources such as the internet. Others may setup a fruit, vegetable, and egg stand off the side of the road. When you have a slight income early retirement is so much more possible, especially when you are frugal with the rest of your lifestyle.

5. Never get into debt, and remain debt free. Early retirement with little to no money is only accomplished through debt free living. There is no other way around this. There are people who retire early in their 30's with barely any money at all using these methods. You can too if your mind is disciplined enough to live very alternatively. You will need to read and know a lot about alternative housing, power generation, and water catchment systems. Also knowledge about farming, construction will be a huge plus for early retirement with little money.

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