How to make your car run better.

How to Make Your Car Run Better 

Anybody that has a vehicle with a poorly performing engine will want to get it running better and more powerful. Most people who are seeking out automotive repairs online are doing so because they either want to perform the work themselves, or want to save money by not going to a mechanic. I'm going to show you some excellent ways for you to get your car running better for little cost.

1. Change your oil. Go to any automotive parts stores or a store such as Wal-Mart and purchase new oil and an oil filter. The process of changing oil is fairly simple. Simply drain out the old oil into a container, and take off the oil filter. Put the drain plug back in, and screw on the new oil filter. Then all you will have to do is fill it with oil checking the level with the oil dipstick. Often people want to save money on oil by doing it themselves, but even a change at an oil lube place may be worth it with a coupon.

2. Change the spark plugs in your vehicle. The spark plugs simply need to be removed and the new ones gapped to the correct setting. Any automotive parts stores can tell you how to gap a spark plug correctly.

3. Change the air filter. Doing this will help your engine breathe better allowing for better combustion.

4. Spray fuel injector / carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold. The manifold is the area that is usually connected at the end of the air filter “tubes”. The manifold usually has the “butterfly” device inside that opens and shuts with your gas pedal. Spray and clean this area out well.

5. Change your distributor cap and rotor. This is amazingly simple to do, but the only trick is that you will want to record which wire went to what terminal on the distributor cap before you pull it off.

6. If you are still having problems, check your battery power, make sure your spark plug wires are good, a new PCV valve.

7. If your engine seems to hesitate or start bad, try a bit of Marvel Mystery oil in the oil & gas. Use their specifications for your vehicle.

Be sure that you use common sense and do research on your car for problems. Often there are numerous web sites on the internet that can help and guide you for more specific repairs. It is worth it to always try to do car repairs yourself so that you will save money on mechanic’s fees.

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