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How to Clear an Arrest Warrant 

An arrest warrant can be a very intimidating thing. If you, a family member, or friend has outstanding warrants for your arrest, you can be detained at your home, work, or in any public place. Warrant searches and checks will be run whenever a person gets pulled over, and also if one tries to get a drivers license or state I.D. Also, whenever somebody applies for a job and a background check is done, they can show up as well. In this article, I will teach you how to get rid of arrest warrants for tickets, misdemeanors such as theft & stealing, and serious felonies. Using these steps will clear the warrants and will give you the best chances if more legal actions occurs afterwards.

For this article to work, you will probably need some money, and possibly an attorney. Good support networks of people to help you is a huge benefit as well.

1. You must begin by understanding that a warrant is issued by a judge, and that police are part of the executive branch of government. Police merely execute or serve the warrant of arrest. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that it is the police that issue warrants of arrest. Understand that it is the police who merely execute the warrant that a judge has issued. The police are never your enemy, so cooperate if an arrest warrant is served. By cooperation I mean do not resist them physically, but be sure to resist any questions that they have for you and request a lawyer immediately. The only questions you should ever answer to a police officer are your personal I.D. type information such as your name, address, etc. If by chance a warrant is served on you or a loved one, immediately remind everybody to "stay quiet" and only answer "I.D." questions. Remember, it is never better to talk about your case with the police, despite any promises they may give you.

2. For tickets, these are usually considered very small misdemeanors. Basically the best way to clear a ticket warrant is simply to pay the money to the appropriate place within the city. Sometimes this is at the courthouse, other times at the police dept (phone number is on the ticket). City warrants for speeding or moving violations are easily handled, and vanish once the fine is paid. Be sure to call the city, and ask for the exact amount on the warrant. BRING CASH (yes the green paper) and NOT CHECKS or NOT DEBIT/CREDIT CARTS. This is because often checks are not accepted, or their debit/credit card machine may be down (or they do not take plastic). If the person with the warrant pays the fine, there will not be any arrest made. If the person with the warrant pays the fine, but comes up short on the money, they will most likely be arrested on the spot. Sometimes if amounts are unclear, it is best to have another person go and pay the fine.

3. A county warrant is issued for misdemeanors such as theft, shoplifting, and criminal mischief. It is always wise to consult a criminal defense attorney for these arrest warrants. Usually a smaller bond amount will be issued. One will need to post this bond in order for the warrant to be cleared. However, one will most likely have a court date set, but the warrant will be gone. If one skips out on the court date, a bench warrant will be issued.

4. For felony warrants, there will be a bond amount set on the warrant. Usually this gets to be a pricey sum, but depends on the nature of the felony & flight risk. If the bond amount is posted on the warrant, then there will be a court date set. For felonies, one will absolutely want to hire an attorney and have them post the bond amount for you. If this individual (or yourself) does not have a lot of money, you can have your attorney (depending on strength of the case) negotiate a plea bargain for you. With the bond amount must be posted, and that will clear the arrest warrant.

If somebody is arrested for any warrant, good sound legal advice is to ONLY discuss details of the case with an attorney. This is a constitutional right - I advise anybody to use it.

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